Monthly Newsletter

Telemedicine or Digital Health is slowly creeping into our lives, to make our life easier and financially cheaper. We have so far heard of this being practiced mostly abroad, now we have Indians trying to use this practice of Digital Health!

Pune based start-up Periwinkle Technologies has brought medical consultation and quick tips, closer to patients. They have tried it with one disease to start with Haemophilia. They have designed an application that will make the treatment comprehensive and less time consuming for the patients. The treatment for haemophilia is not an easy task. When the remedial clotting factors develop antibodies, the body takes a bleeding recourse, which is then hard to control. Such a distressed patient does not have help at hand, and this is where the new application will help. The application has been made available in Marathi, Hindi and English, hence making it possible for the rural population to use it as well, thus saving the time and travel of the patient, where delays could be harmful.

Another first for Pune is the use of Telemedicine for the Yerawada Jail inmates! Prisoners fleeing when brought out for medical check-ups or treatment, has become an alarmingly common occurrence at the Yerawada Central Prison. Telemedicine will be available between specialist doctors at the Sassoon General Hospital and the Jail, throughout the week, during the day. Both are equipped with the necessary equipment and the teleconferencing facilities. This has reduced the time, risk and manpower, without compromising on the medical care for the inmates of the Jail. The expenses have also been brought down, as there is savings on manpower expense, security systems, and transport.