13th International Conference of the TELEMEDICINE SOCIETY OF INDIA


9th, 10th & 11th November 2017

Hotel Sheraton Grand, Pune

With Warm Regards
Dr. B.S RattaOrganizing Chairman

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Greetings from the organizing committee of the TELEMEDICON 2017, Pune, It is our honor and pleasure to extend a warm welcome & invite you for the 13th International Conference of the TELEMEDICINE SOCIETY OF INDIA to be held in Pune on 9th, 10th & 11th November 2017 at Hotel Sheraton Grand Pune

Why Telemedicine?
eHealth, like eGovernment, eCommerce and eLearning, is now part of twenty-first century life. It is about placing citizens at the centre of the circle in order to simplify and improve their interactions with the wide range of people who look after their health needs and its potential is enormous for transforming both health and health care, from the national policy level to individual patient consultation and treatment.

Telemedicine is often used as a generic term to describe all forms of IT-enable healthcare reform,but it can best be thought of under four main themes,namely;

1) Embracing a whole variety of Clinical Applications, including:
● Telemedicine (virtual consultations )as well as Vital Signs Monitoring for chronically ill patients.
● Virtual outreach clinics supported by Video Conferencing, TeleHealth & TeleCare, i.e. providing more healthcare services in the home environment.
● ePrescribing and eBooking services to access to healthcare services in secondary and tertiary care centres.

2) Providing eLearning through the use of the Web, as educational resources for the entire healthcare professional body who require their healthcare skills to be updated continuously throughout their working career.

3) Delivering appropriate healthcare information to the general public through the use of all media channels, such that population based healthcare demand profiles can be changed as a result of empowering citizens with appropriate knowledge, such that they take on more responsibility for providing for their own healthcare needs.

4) Providing a lifetime health record for citizens which when depersonalised and the data is aggregated.This can enable large scale population based epidemiological studies to be made in real time. The adverse healthcare trends in defined population can be identified, and strategies put in place to minimize the impact long before it was possible previously.

Telemedicine is changing the landscape of healthcare access and delivery forever. It is transforming the physical infrastructures where healthcare has traditionally been exchanged, hospitals and clinics and driving the health delivery interface points out into the retail environment and into the home.

This conference aims to
● Introduce the total concept of Telemedicine to a wide audience
● Discuss the potential for and implications of Telemedicine as an enabler for the transformation of health strategy and provision of healthcare
● Discuss & demonstrate practical examples of how Telemedicine is already being implemented, in India and across the world
● Consider how Telemedicine could be applied for the benefit of citizens, patients, clinicians and health organisation in India

Conference sessions include:
● Medical & Technology Future Convergence
● The Strategic Development of Health Services
● Telemedicine as an Agent for Reform
● The Successful Application of Telemedicine solutions
● Telemedicine - The Way Forward

Who should attend?
● Health policy and decision makers at National and Regional level
● Head of District Hospital and Primary Health Clinics
● Chief Executives, Administrations and Clinical Leads in Private Hospitals
● Professional Bodies representing:
● Clinicians, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals
● Health Informatics professionals
● ICT staff
● Representatives of Higher Education establishments
● ICT skills training Organisations
● Medical equipment companies
● Pharmaceutical and Drug companies
● Software and hardware corporates
● Mobile and Telephone companies including service providers.

About The Venue

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